The Souvenir

It was a simple afternoon dare between high school boys. Get in to an empty house, case the joint, find something cool and take it. The best souvenir wins. But what Nick finds instead is a dangerous invalid who forces him to make an awful decision. Either choice he makes is a souvenir he will be living with for the rest of his life.

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A Short Film by Dave Goossen

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The Making of

The story came about from pondering moral dilemmas and realizing that the bigger the moral dilemma is for a short film, the better the film is going to be. Out of that came this.
Written specifically for Adam Warnock and his son Gus, designed to be shot in one location during three days of a two week vacation in Sydney, NSW. This film was also shot during that vacation.
This was literally a two person production, with Dave doing the producing, directing, writing, lighting, camera and editing, and Adam, in addition to bringing his character to life, composed and performed all the music and did the sound production.
Dave's biggest concern was if Gus would be able to perform as well as we'd hoped. And he exceeded expectations with a masterful and subtle style of acting that brought the character to life.
This film was shot exclusively on a Sony A7S and post-production was done in Adobe Premiere.

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