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A mega-corporation, Smythe, Hammersly, Ibsen and Tanaka, wants what’s in the ground at a desolate place in the middle of nowhere in Australia's Outback. Two high-powered sales men, Willem Wallace and Douglas Anderson, have to make the video conference call of their careers to make it happen.

Too bad they're woefully outgunned by John Rowdy, the mayor of a tiny town called Bangamahbamup.

Willem Wallace

Willem Wallace is a hard-drinking, hard-living Scotsman stuck in London working for the soulless multinational, Smythe, Hammersly, Ibsen and Tanaka as a Marketing Director. He'd rather be anywhere than in his office, late at night, about to put on his game face and get this deal wrapped up.

Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson, Vice-President International Marketing, is, as he always tells people, "On his way up to the executive floors of Smythe, Hammersly, Ibsen and Tanaka, NYC." He needs this deal done, and despite having to work with an overbearing boor like Will, he's going to make it happen.

John Rowdy

John Rowdy, the Lord Mayor of Bangamahbamup, and publican of the only hotel in town is stuck between a red-dirt covered rock and a red-dirt covered hard place. His town is in dire straits but he would like nothing more than to tell those two wankers to get stuffed.

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