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After bungling a multi-billion dollar deal, two squabbling female executives are sent to the Australian outback to save the project but end up battling their boss from hell to save a quirky town instead.

GENRE: Comedy


In Bangamahbamup, a dying town deep in the Australian Outback, the remaining residents make a deal with a greedy global conglomerate to turn their homes into the largest open pit mine in the Southern Hemisphere.

FIONA WALLACE, a wise-cracking, smooth-talking thirty-something Scottish executive, needs the deal to succeed or her dream of owning her own pub will fail.

But when the town residents accidentally overhear Fiona and her uptight Senior VP, CAROL ANDERSON, insulting them on a conference call, Bangamahbamup pulls out of the multi-billion dollar deal.  Fiona and Carol’s furious boss, LUCINDA BROOKE-LYSANDER, sends the two of them down to put things right, ASAP.

Despite the residents hating them for their overheard insults, Fiona and Carol struggle to get the deal back on track.  But after they visit a nearby lush hidden valley, Fiona realizes she must fight her corporate bosses to save the valley and the Aboriginal tribe who live there from being destroyed as part of the open pit mine.

With Fiona and Carol now on the town’s side, they hammer out a new deal, one that protects the valley and Bangamahbamup from destruction.  Fiona sends it off for final approval only to awake the next morning as Lucinda arrives by Lear jet to ream them out for ruining the deal and threatening their greedy corporation’s future profits.

Lucinda insists on the original deal, but the residents want the new improved deal that saves the valley and Fiona’s attempts at mediating fail.  Both sides won’t back down and, despite visiting the secret valley, Lucinda loses her patience and threatens the town with an ‘accidental’ aerial bombardment unless they sign the original deal.  Now.

With their actual lives on the line, the mayor shows Fiona and Carol the true secret within the hidden valley.  An ancient Aboriginal cave, the ceiling a map of the night sky, each star a huge diamond.  This cultural treasure is the real reason they must save the valley.

But with Lucinda unwilling to budge, the town furious at them, and the corporation even angrier, Fiona and Carol get into a huge fight in the pub.   In the heat of the moment, Carol mentions the secret diamonds, and Lucinda overhears.  She blackmails Carol into telling her about them, much to Fiona’s dismay.

Gloating, Lucinda conference calls her CEO, and they plan to ruthlessly mine the diamonds, then destroy the valley and town as originally planned.  Smugly, Lucinda returns to the pub only to find her conversation exploding on social media around the globe.  Fiona tricked her and now Lucinda’s greed has destroyed the deal, saving the town.

Suddenly, the corporation fires Lucinda, denying any part in what she’s done, and the Lear flies off without her.  She barely escapes on a passing freight train as everyone celebrates their victory.

Six months later, Bangamahbamup is now a booming eco-tourist destination.  Having quit the corporation, Fiona happily co-runs the pub and the local Aboriginal tribe escort eager visitors on tours of their magical valley. 

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