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12 Cups of Coffee Redux

Book Cover 7 front onlyAs I was finishing off the screenplay for Bangamahbamup, I started thinking about what to write next.  I had lots of choices, lots of cool complete ideas and some not so complete ideas too.  But I knew I had to get back to the story that started this novel writing gig.  12 Cups of Coffee.

I had always envisioned it as the first book of a trilogy and when I went back into my notes I found most of an outline for the next book.  But once I started looking closely at that outline, it was pretty sparse in places [ like the middle third ] and was going to need work.  So that’s what I did.  Worked it.  Took it apart and put it back together again.  And again.  At the same time, to really familiarize myself with those characters again, I gave the first book a thorough edit, getting rid of almost 3,000 weak or extra words one at a time – fun, fun, fun.

And the book is much better for the edit, I’m happy to say.  I thought I’d be losing Jamie’s voice with that much editing, but it’s still there, strong and confused as ever.

Which brings me to the present.  I’m having a hard time hearing his voice in my head, a definite requirement for writing the sequel.  I think the winter has been pretty hard on me and I’m not in the mood to write about an optimistic 34 year old right now.

And my go-to avoidance technique is to start thinking of other stories, other ideas.  And, yeah, that’s what happened and so I’m working on a great idea for a time travel novel set in present day and 1980’s Vancouver.  Two totally different cities.  It’s going to be great!  The current working title is ‘No Place Like The Past’

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