Senior’s High – Pilot

1/2 hr dramedy based on my novel of the same name:

After a life of fierce independence, a feisty octogenarian struggles with moving cross-country into a strict seniors home. But he’s not the only one having difficulty fitting in. His daughter’s dream job is anything but, and his grandson’s high school is less welcoming than last call at the Legion.

Having moved with his daughter and grandson from his farm on the Prairies to a senior’s home in a small coastal town, Paul Carter finds himself mighty surprised when, after a long and independent life, he’s suddenly being told by the officious owner of Shady Acres what he can and can’t do.  Not to mention the gossiping Queen Bee’s and the past-their-prime jocks complicating his life as the ‘new kid.’  Even worse, his grandson is dealing with the same issues across town at his new high school.

For Paul, too many rules mean it’s time for stealthy rebellion and youthful high jinks. But when past tragedies come back to complicate the present, in ways no one would have imagined, lives are thrown into turmoil. Shady Acres owner clamps down on everyone’s freedoms, forcing Paul to take a hard look at his life, realize what it means to be alive and fight for all their rights before it’s too late.