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2018 writing update

Happy New Year!  Joke, should have done that a while ago.
Anyways, new year, new writing adventures.

I realized that the plot for the second draft of the sequel to ‘12 Cups of Coffee‘ was weak and lazy so I spent a few weeks tearing apart all those precious words I’d written and have come up with a much tighter, and way better story for this sequel. Now it’s time to dive in and write it!

But while I was letting that settle in my psyche, I dove into a major revision to the screenplay for what was formerly known as ‘Bangamahbamup‘ which is now, wisely, called something other than that. (Especially since I can’t even type it out twice in a row correctly) New poster with the new title to your left.

I also deconstructed an old story I very much love, ‘Classic Rock‘, to see if I can create something better. And I’m excited in what’s coming out of my head around this story. I’m not sure if it’s going to turn into a screenplay or a novel but I’ll let you know which way that wind blows.

But next up is the second draft of ‘No Time Like The Past‘, where it moves from, as Stephen King’s says, being written with the door closed to being written with the door open.

Hold your horses, everyone, it’s going to be a hell of a productive year!

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