Writing, writing and more writing

It seems if you have a blog, you should be writing on it.  Fair enough.  I’m going to pace myself and hopefully keep this up. 🙂

Before we get to the present tense, we have to go back into the past for a while.  Please be patient, with me.

In February of 2015, I went down to Sydney, NSW to hang out with my creative partner, Adam Warnock, as I try to do every couple years.  During the two weeks I was there, outside of walking The Bay Run every morning, we did final production on two of my original songs, filmed two short films and turned one of those films into a full length screenplay concept.  All in all, an amazingly productive trip.

The films and songs are up here on the site for your enjoyment.

What I want to talk about it the screenplay idea.  Adam and I had shot and edited our short film, Bangamahbamup, and were out for our morning walk.  The conversation went along the lines of, “What would happen immediately after the end of the short film?  Could we shoot the sequel short film picking up where the first one ended?”  By the end of the walk, we had hashed out the entire plot for the film!  I spent an hour typing it all out so we could forget about it and go onto shooting our next film.

As I was being dropped off at the airport a week later, Adam said, “I’ll be expecting a treatment in my inbox by the time you get off the plane.”  ha ha.  Well, my flight was delayed so I started puttering away at it.  then, after a couple glasses of wine on the plane, I continued.  And continued, and continued.  And, when I was waiting for my connecting flight in Vancouver to get the last way home, I was able to email him the finished first draft of the treatment.  Probably the best and most inspired chunk of writing I’ve ever done.