12 Cups of Coffee

12 Cups of Coffee CoverMaking Sense of Life…
A book for everyone whose had it with taking hits for the gender or corporate team. A whip-sharp yet generous investigation of the reasons why we follow the path of money and not of the spirit.

…One Cup at a Time
’12 Cups of Coffee’ delivers the jolt that wakes its protagonist (and the reader) from his quirky nightmare of international business travel and just-business friendships. Funny and fearlessly self-reflective, the book perks along and makes readers thirsty for more.

Jamie has got it made. A great apartment, an excellent job flying all over the world selling something he would rather not talk about – accounting software. When he comes home to Seattle, the love of his life is waiting for him – a mint condition 1972 Faema one group espresso machine. Jamie loves coffee. Good coffee. Really good coffee. Oh, and he lives with a great girl named Ellen who loves him for exactly who he is.

Except Jamie is rarely who he says he is.

Jamie gives everyone in his life exactly what they want to see – Sensitive Boyfriend, Caring Son, Crazy Friend, Brilliant Salesguy – but only lets the real Jamie out over coffee with strangers….who he will never see again.

But as Jamie tries to make sense of his life, one cup at a time, everyone else seems to be getting on with theirs.

Book 1 of The Espresso Series

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