Bangamahbamup – A Short Film with a Long History

bangahmabamup cover HZAdam Warnock and I had been bashing around the idea behind this short film for over four years.  And every time we’d discuss it, the idea would take on more and more life, becoming bigger and bigger.  Kinda hard when you’re making an under seven minute short film.  At one point there was a special spring the townies used to make a beer that kept you young forever.  Yup, an idea firmly grounded in reality…

On my last trip down to Oz in Feb of 2015, we dragged up all the ideas and, while on our morning walk around The Bay Run, we tried something different.  We stripped the story down to the bare minimum and, by the end of the walk, had a clean, tight and do-able story.  So, with the able assistance of Brent Dehn, we shot and edited the film and we able to show it to a group of friends the night before I flew back home!

Check out the finished film.  Warning:  it is staggeringly Not Safe For Work, or children under the age of 20 🙂

Part Two of this story:  How another morning walk turned a seven minute film into a full length feature film screenplay!  read it here