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Writing Quote #8

“I don’t know where my ideas come from, but I know where they come to. They come to my desk, and if I’m not there, they go away again.: – Phillip Pullman

Done! First draft of ’12 More Cups of Coffee’ complete!

Ten weeks after starting writing, I have completed the first draft of the sequel to ’12 Cups of Coffee’.  It’s been a long time coming, I finished the first draft of the original novel on my 44th birthday and the day Shana found out she was pregnant with our daughter Maya.  Hopefully we won’t have a similar announcement tonight. :-0 [for coincidence, it’s my sister-in-law Amy’s birthday, and she’s just about the biggest fan of the first book, so there you go]

For those keeping track, that means in the past year I’ve written two novels and a screenplay – almost 200,000 words by my guestimate.


Next up is a weekend of break, then back into it with the third draft of ‘Seniors High’.

Writing and Sales Update

It’s been a pretty full three weeks now.
I started writing ‘12 More Cups of Coffee‘ the sequel to my first novel, the appropriately named ‘12 Cups of Coffee‘.
At the same time, I decided to update the cover for the first book, creating a cover that can be smoothly adjusted for the second and hopefully third books in the series.
While I was doing that, I decided to change from lulu.com to createspace.com for my print on demand books, and also added Smashwords.com and IngramSpark.com as other avenue’s for book sales. What all that meant was custom version of the cover and insides for each of those three companies for both ‘12 Cups of Coffee‘ and ‘The Living End‘. Lots of patient work in Photoshop and Acrobat getting things perfect.

All the while, I have been writing every day and am up to 26,500 words into ’12 More Cups of Coffee’ which is almost the first third of the first draft done. Let me tell you, Jamie’s on quite the emotional rollercoaster at the moment…