I came across this site, slashpurpose.org, in a blog posting. They believe that the world would be a better place if the people trying to shape it spoke openly and plainly about their vision for the future.

So here goes.

My purpose is to create stores full of amazing people and places for everyone to experience and enjoy. Maybe gets them to connect to a universal truth they can resonate with.
Why? Because I can’t stop thinking about the stories in my head. Because I love turning a pile of random thoughts into a finished story. I love when my characters take over and I simply get out of their way and let them tell their stories and bring readers into a world they’ve never experienced before. I love to hear that someone read, saw or heard what I created and liked it.

My other purpose is to learn more about myself and my internal process, and to find a way to share that process and my discoveries of it with others. Both as an individual and in partnership with my loving and lovely wife, Shana.
Why? Because Shana and I worked really hard to make a really, really good relationship, full of open and honest communication and I think what we have is really special and if anyone out there could find some insights or value in what we have discovered about ourselves, that would be really great.

Oh, and be the best dad I can be and love my children unconditionally.
Why? Because the alternative isn’t something I am willing to consider.

I am fortunate to have an amazing friend, KerriAnn Cardinal, who helped me clarify my jumbled thoughts on why I write.  You rock!