Back into the writing again

I’m not sure exactly how Stephen King is able to write for hours every single day of the year.  I did that 24 weeks in 2015, was able to get the first and second drafts of my third novel, Seniors High, completed and also blasted out a screenplay based on the short film Bangamahbamup Adam and I made in the spring.  So it was a crazy productive time.  And then I needed to rest my head.

Up until 10 days ago, resting my head meant doing a bunch of web development, a couple week family work trip to Yellowknife and around the house stuff.  Of course, because my head can’t keep quiet, during that time I beat the plot to the sequel to 12 Cups of Coffee into a pulp and put it back together and started playing around with a couple other novel ideas.

And now I’m 10 days, and 13,000 words into 12 More Cups of Coffee.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know what comes next 🙂